All participants must comply with the event rules and regulations as set out below.


No Helmet, No Ride!

Every rider must complete the race on his / her own.

Only official vehicles will be allowed on the route.

All riders will take part at his / her own risk.

The race will abide by the rules of Cycling South Africa (CSA).


Riders that are unable to complete the distance which they have entered, will be transported to the nearest checkpoint. These riders must contact their support driver for pickup and further transport.

Riders must check in at every checkpoint for their category / distance.

No outside assistance will be allowed on the route. Riders are only allowed to receive outside assistance at designated checkpoints.

Support vehicles found on the route will automatically have their riders disqualified. 

Riders that deviate from the marked route will be penalized or disqualified as determined by the race officials.

Riders caught cheating in any way will be penalized as determined by the race officials.

Time Trail bars are allowed only in the Ultra distance event!

Bikes allowed: 

  • MTB
  • Fat Bike
  • Tandem (Each rider entering as a individual)
  • Gravel Bike
  • E-Bikes will be allowed on the MINI distance ONLY, and but will not be eligible for prize money.


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