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A few minutes with participants of 2019

Dion Guy (The Ultra)

* Vincent Van Der Bank (The Lite)

  • What do you think about Forever Resort Gariep as the main venue of the event.

– Forever Resort was a great venue for the event. We brought the family along and knew that they would be entertained during the day in a safe environment.So worked out perfectly well.

* We liked the stay there and think it is a very lekker resort. We would like to stay a bit longer next time to have some fun with the onsite facilities.

  • Registration, smooth? Fast? Efficient?

– Friends of ours registered on our behalf, but from speaking to them registration was flawless and very efficient.

* Yes,Yes,Yes

  • Event merchandise, what do you think of your goodie box or would you prefer something different?

– Wow!! The goodie bag was fantastic. We all absolutely loved the shirts (especially the color) and the caps. I wouldn’t change a thing there. Looking forwards already to next years goodie bag!

* I liked the goodie box!

  • The race, what is your opinion about the route, jeep track for a endurance race?

– Ok…the race. Firstly this had to be one of the hardest ultras I’ve done, and speaking to number of athletes the hardest they have done. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! You’ve got one of the hardest ultras on the calendar and I think it’s something to inspire to. Yes its during the day, yes there will be wind, but I truly believe anyone entering an event like this is testing themselves. There were no better conditions than Saturday to test yourself. To be honest any athlete wanting to do the Munga should as a prerequisite do Trans Xhariep. Trans Xhariep is the only race I’ve found that will give you a taste of the Munga. The route was fantastic. The rocky, technical jeep track leading to Vanderkloof Dam….its a killer! If you enter that section slightly fatigued, it will be the final nail in the coffin. But it’s a perfect section to separate the pack. It’s what Trans Xhariep will become known for…..so it has to stay in!
All in all a perfect mix for an endurance race.

* The race was excellent. Had so much fun, met new people on route and the route was marked very well.
The worst part of the race was the heat we experienced at the start. Not so lekker when your carbogen taste like med lemon. (I do believe this is part of endurance though)

  • Check points, enough food, drinks, variety?

– Check point were great. When I got there there was enough food and drinks. Two suggestions I would put forward, more ice or iced water (or at least at checkpoints where you can get ice from the local environment) and the second one is around the unmanned water points…..I know they were out there but only saw two. Perhaps next year put a arrow board with “unmanned water point” so they stick out. Perhaps at the larger windmill reservoirs put an arrow board or at least inform the field that windmills are life savers and need to be used. Those of us that have done the Munga understand the value of windmills, but I think most people simply cycle past. – Noted

* Check points were well stocked with a variety of foods and drinks. Loved the dam idea, my wife and I had a lekker swim at CP4 (CP1 for the lites).

  • Finish, burger chips, and a cold beer?

– I can speak for the cold beer, absolutely necessary. Thank you! The finish is perfect. Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy a burger and chips but friends who completed the event loved the burgers.

* Loved it… The chips was however very salty… don’t know if that was to put some salts back…:-)

  • Any other comments you would like to share?

– Well done George to both you and your team! You have a great race and a passionate team, including yourself. I can only imagine this race will go from strength to strength. We will definitely see you in 2020 and I’m sure we will bring a whole couple of athletes with us. Thanks for a great event!

* Enjoyed it, Will be back in the future…





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