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A few minutes with Dion Guy

  • What made you decide to enter the Trans Xhariep 2019
Firstly, I’ve heard great things about it from last years competitors, and secondly, the fantastic thing about ultra events is the opportunity to see a large part of the country, on a bike, you would normally not see. Gariep Dam has always been a place I’ve wanted to see, so the opportunity to see Gariep as well ride a part of the countryside is definitely a huge appeal. There’s also a great field, some of the top up country ultra distance mountain bikers who will be there (a lot of them also entered into the team event), so looking forward to a hard race.
  • Having done the Munga and passing over some familiar sections of the route, What are you expecting from the Trans Xhariep?
If the conditions haven’t changed since December, I’m expecting a bit of corrugated roads and a few sandy sections. I just hope the wind also plays its part and doesn’t get too strong out there on race day.
Organizer – The route looks amazing and corrugation is at a minimum.
  • What’s your favorite snack during a endurance ride like this one?
When I do these events I try and get as fat adapted as possible so reliance on food and carbohydrates isn’t a necessity.  Saying as much, its always great to have something with salt, like nuts or biltong as the kilometers tick away
  • Having had a look at the route profile, anything that peaks your interest?
Yes, looking forward to seeing Philippolis as well as Vanderkloof Dam. The climb into Vanderkloof Dam is always a challenging little section, so will be great to rewarded with a view of the Dam.
  • 3 things you always take with on a endurance ride/event like this?
When allowed, earphones, definitely some chamois cream and a decent pair of sunglasses
  • Any interesting pre-race rituals we should know of?
Unfortunately not!
  • When crossing the finish line, are you a beer or a chocolate milk guy?
The longer the race, the more I tend towards a beer. With the amount of gels and sugars you tend to consume in a ride like this,a beer definitely goes down well at the finish line.
Organizer – We got you covered
  • What do you think of when ticking off the kilometers during events like this.
You have to learn is to break the distance into “manageable” chunks. So after the first 100km’s, I tend to just focus on the next water-point. looking at the entire distance on these events can become daunting.
  • What are you looking forward to at the Trans Xhariep?
Two things – I’m looking forward to seeing Vanderkloof Dam in the daylight! When we do the Munga we tend to arrive  at Van Der Kloof Dam early evening just as its gone dark, so it will be great to take in the view during the day. The second is a good testing race – its early in the season and I’m rebuilding fitness after the Munga, so will be good to pushed by some top class competitors.
Organizer – We are very excited to have Dion at the event and looking forward to his post race review!
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